Hello from Hinxton

So in my last post I pretty much said good-bye to the Unilever Centre and the people there and now it is time for a hello – a hello to a new job. I have recently joined the Department of Genetics and the group of Prof Ashburner as a Research Associate. While I am formally employed by the university, I will, however, spend most of my time at the European Bioinformatics Institute in the group of Christoph Steinbeck.

My remit here will be to continue to develop chemical ontology and in particular to help, together with my colleagues and the ChEBI user community, to put the ChEBI ontology onto a “formal” footing and to align it with the upper ontology used by the OBO Foundry ontologies. I will blog more about this as the story develops – however, for now, I am very excited about this new opportunity. I have a great set of new colleagues (Duncan Hull has also just joined the ChEBI team and has blogged about it) both in the ChEBI group as well as in the wider EBI community and there is a community of people here that believe in the value of this type of work. So I am very much looking forward to helping create some exciting ontology and resources of value to the chemical and biological community.

As I was walking across the Genome campus this morning, I couldn’t help but to be struck by its beauty – here are some pictures I shot with my mobile phone:

Hinxton High Street

Hinxton High Street - On the way to the Genome Campus

Genome Campus - By Hinxton Hall

Genome Campus - By Hinxton Hall

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