Goodbye and Hello…

The eagle-eyed amongst you (or those that do not use feedreaders to read this blog) will have noticed that there have been some changes to Staudinger’s Semantic Molecules recently – the biggest change is that the blog is no more in its old form and that you are now being re-directed to Semantic Science Blog. I have migrated the old content from “Staudinger’s Semantic Molecules” to this blog and everything apart from the pictures should be here.

The move has to do with the fact that yesterday was my last day at the Unilever Centre for Molecular Science Informatics and in Peter Murray-Rusts’s Group. I am now taking a short break to relax for a bit and pursue some side projects that I have been working on for a while now with more force. I will blog about my new job soon – so for now suffice it to say that I will stay in the area of chemical informatics and ontology development – and that also means that ChemAxiom will continue to be developed and if anything, I will now have much more time to devote to it than I have had recently.

Finally, the three years at the Unilever Centre have been a phantastic experience. I have learned a lot and hopefully grown a lot and much of this is due to Peter’s guidance and support. I have also had a set of wonderful colleagues throughout and can think of few people I would rather work with. So a VERY BIG thank you to all of them.

I will continue to blog about all things semantic, science and chemistry and hopefully a few other subjects too at this location for now. I am currently working on a new website and so may move the blog again in the future, but for now, wordpress will be my new home. The forward from the old wwmm address should continue to work, but if you have a moment, then change your bookmarks/feedreader subscriptions to

For now, thanks to all the readers of this blog and in particular to those that have left comments and engaged in interesting debate – your thoughts and inputs have been and will continue to be much appreciated! See you all soon…..

3 Responses to Goodbye and Hello…

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  2. JBOM says:

    Interesting post, Nico. I’m sure you’ll continue doing great science.

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