Notes from Science Online 2009 – How the Web enables anyone to be a Scientist

Talk about – a tool for crowdsourcing the classification of galaxies. Papers shown that community classification of galaxies coupled with statistics can be as good as classifications provided by trained scientists….hmm…am still sceptical…this only works if the science that is being done (a) does not require an infrastructure like a lab or a telescope or the infrastructure is provided (as with GlaxyZoo)

Motivations: apparently the number 1 reason given by 10000 users is “making a contribution to research”

Ground rules for citizen science: people are collaborators not users, contribute to real research, don’t waste people’s time

Wikimedia – Science and Wikimedia (Mike Peel Wikimedia UK)

Wikimedia Commons is an online repository images and other free material. Mostly donated by individual users

Wikiversity – An experiment in learning materials and distance teaching. Repository of learning resources.

Wikispecies – Directory of Species.

Interesting audience question: the Galaxy Zoo has collected a lot of experience in building itsc omuuninty and running it – how and where can that be published?…no firm plans yet….

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