John Wilbanks @ NESTA Open Innovation Meeting


Starts of with talking about network effects: resources become more valuable the more connected they are
What was it that allowed to turn the ARPANET into the Internet
it was open transmiossion protocols…anyone who could build a compatible computer could connect
same for the www
the ability to make copies and derivatives – this is at odds with copyright
ignoring a law does not scale

Science KNowledge
Science has not been disrupted by the web – journals in HTML same as Journals in paper
Incrementalism – distributing pdfs of science papers is an earhorn
we do not have the ability to hyperlink knowledge – cannot “compatibly communicate” and then we wonder why we do not get network effects
Open Innovation (see Henry Chesborough)
depends on the quantity, quality, legal availability and tech usability of open innovation
Computers – tcp/ip
domuments – html/http
knowledge – commons

Literature: Open Access under CC
Neurocommons: open scientific data, difficulty with integrating databases – different licencing schemes significantly hinder preparation of derivative data products
CC0 1.0 Universal licence

The comons is technical NOT just legal…

CC workin gon commons to hook up physical objects with the web
CC now working on developing a fully virtual drug discovery environment, glued together by CC….for data exchange etc and giving freedom to operate
Nike and CC patent exchange via CC

Open Innovation
purposive inflows and outflows of knowledge
expnd the capacity of the external market to generate internally useful knowledge
the business model is at the centre of value creation and capture

in software
frr as in speech
free as beer
==>free as in puppy (not really free..have to maintain the dog)

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