Semantic Technology 2008 – Tuesday Sessions

Here are the Seesmic Videoblogs of the Tuesday Sessions:
(In some feedreaders (e.g. Google) the Seesmic Videoplayers don’t seem to show up properly – so please click through to the actualy blog post)

1. Pre-Conference

2. Embedding Semantic Data in Life Sciences Applications

3. Nova Spivak Keynote: Experiences from the Cutting Edge of the Semantic Market

4. Eric Miller Keynote: The Next Generation of Semantic Development Tools

5. Taking Semantic Technology to the Masses (Panel)

6. Biomedical Ontologies: Using Them to Access Semantics and to Enable Computer Reasoning

7. What to Do with an OWL Reasoner: Introduction to Pellet

8. Pronto: Probabilistic Semantic Web Ontologies

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