Semanic Technology 2008 is about to start…

So here I am in sunny California and right in the middle of the first heatwave of the year. The temperatures in San Jose are reaching between 38 and 40 deg. C during the day. I have had a couple of days off and have used the time to explore the Silicon Valley: amongst others, I have visited Stanford and Mountain View where I looked round the Computer History Musem and trod the holy (and intensely hot) asphalt of Google’s car park.

I have decided to engage in an experiment and to blog all the conference sessions that I will attend. However, I just simply don’t have the time to write great big swathes of text on here, so I have decided to videoblog this and here is the first installment:

I will from now on until the end of the conference use Seesmic to videoblog the sessions. It is an experiment. I am almost sure the videos will turn out to be long and rambly, but I will wait and see what people’s feedback is. Do leave yours on the blog here or join the conversation on Seesmic (maybe I can even convince Jim to install the Seesmic videocomments WordPress plug-in when I am back).

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