Polymer Informatics Lecture

A while ago, I gave a lecture about our beginning polymer informatics work here at the Unilever Centre. We videoed it and have now permission to put it online from our sponsors, so here it is:

Thanks to Jim Downing and Dr Andrew Walkingshaw who were behind he camera.

The talk covers our vision for polymer informatics, namely being able to solve the “inverse structure-property relationship problem” and to develop technologies which allow the rapid development of design-rules for polymers.

Subsequently, there is a discussion of what, at the moment, is preventing us from achieving that ambition. The nature of current polymer information systems is discussed together with a brief discussion of the quality of polymer data.
The talk then goes on to introduce the notion of the semantic web and illustrates how semantic web technologies can be used to address some of the problems that were previously discussed. As a part of this, a markup language for polymers and a polymer ontology are briefly discussed.

The lecture also showcases a polymer builder which makes use of the markup language, together with an example of reasoning over the polymer ontology.

You can download the talk to your iPod directly from the Google Website (clicking on the little Google Video Icon on the bottom right of the player will take you straight there).

2 Responses to Polymer Informatics Lecture

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  2. Brian says:

    Hey Nico.

    Good talk. But maybe it’s time to record the video of you speaking, with one of the audio outputs of the microphone system connected to the camera (so there’s a better sound than the tin can camera mikes). Later on, you can then paste the right slides in the right position.

    Right now, from an aesthetic point of view, the lighting is wrong insofar that the camera white balance and diaphragm get overloaded by the brightness of the projection screen. This rather distracts from the talk…

    Good luck!


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