Publishing Volumes

I am currently in the process of preparing a publication on the development of an upper ontology for polymers, that I have been working on for some time. As part of the publication I am arguing that the increasing volume of scientific publication really requires a new information model for chemical and polymer information. To support this with some numbers, I hit SciFinder and did a search on how many journal articles in SciFinder’s database contain either the word “chemistry” or polymers. Here is the graph:


Can you really read from this that the publication volume has doubled over approximately 16 years? In which case….wow….highest highest time we came up with new ways of publishing and mining chemical information.

One Response to Publishing Volumes

  1. Brian says:

    Perhaps it is time that the focus shifts from sheer number of published articles that each introduce one or two new concepts, to a more complete dissertation of one’s research.


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