The Five Minute Polymer Property Videocast: The Crystalline Melting Point

Now (almost) by definition, one has an awful lot of people knowing an awful lot about computers in a polymer informatics group, but rather less about polymers. One of the “educational” things that we therefore started here was the “polymer property of the week.” At each meeting of the polymer group, someone prepares a five minute talk about a particular polymer property that they happen to find sexy on that day and presents it to the rest of the group.

I think some of this material is interesting and useful to the polymer community at large and hence I have experimented with getting it into a videocast format, which you can either watch on your computer or download from Google Video directly onto your iPod without any fuss (hence I didn’t upload to YouTube). So please go ahead and watch it and tell me what you think….at this stage things are very experimental and I would be grateful for constructive feedback.

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